Bringing fast and easy nutrition to your workplace

Our Mission

To bring a healthy alternative for breakfast, lunch or dinner to your workplace! Our goal is to inspire you to make small steps to a better you with a great choice!

Our Services

– Healthy meal replacements

– Energy boosting teas

By Request

– Free wellness evaluation

– 1 on 1 coaching

– Group weight loss challenges

– Custom meal and fitness plans

Our Guarantee

We will show up with a smiling face and helpful service. We want to make your day as amazing as possible! 


We provide delicious meal replacements that are only 200 calories, have 24g of protein, and have all of the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy meal.


Our teas give you a clean and natural energy, helps burn right around 100 calories, and boosts your metabolism. It also contains all of the B-Vitamins in each tea. It is a great replacement for coffee in the morning or an extra boost of energy to get you through your day.


By providing our healthy alternative for the employees they will feel better throughout their day. Which in return will make productivity go up and makes for a better work atmosphere.

How everything works

You can choose to have us come to your business for breakfast, lunch, or dinner during the week. We can either bring a set amount of flavors of your choice or take pre-orders from each employee. We have an incredible menu to choose from! We will bring everyone’s orders during the pre-set time.

Weekends are upon request.

For any further questions feel free to contact us.


Nutrition Nook
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“Nutrition for a Better Life”